Our Fight for Justice

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For centuries, trial lawyers and their predecessors have been at the very heart of battle for fundamental human rights and the developing rule of law. As the International Academy of Trial Lawyers notes, “We served to temper the excesses of the rulers of ancient Greece and Rome… and at the birth of our nation, we exalted the rule of law over the rule monarchy.”

In recent years, trial attorneys have caused manufacturers to pay close attention to their responsibilities, such as ensuring the safety of consumers. They have protected the guarantees of the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, and set the stage for landmark decisions that propel our society into the 21st century.

Throughout his over 50 year career, Robert L. Parks has fought for justice. Among his accomplishments:

  • Expanding the International Academy of Trial Lawyers’ “Rule of Law” program to develop contacts between lawyers in the United States and their counterparts in China and Vietnam.
  • Working with the National Judicial College to train state court judges in the United States.
  • Serving as co-president at a unique gathering of the nation’s top legal organizations in Washington at the National Press Club as the group issued a White Paper aimed at improving the U.S. civil justice system in the 21st century.
  • Drafting sample constitutions for Eastern European nations.

Robert L. Parks and his legal team share the goals of the Academy:

  • Honor and protect the American jury system.
  • Cultivate the science of jurisprudence.
  • Defend the principle of judicial independence and encourage the highest standards of judicial performance.
  • Facilitate the administration of justice.
  • Elevate the standards of integrity, honor and civility in the legal profession.
  • Assist emerging nations in the development of sound and predictable principles of law.

For more information, visit the International Academy of Trial Lawyers.

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