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Trial lawyers fight for people. Sometimes, large companies put profits over people’s safety. This can have devastating consequences on victims, who through no fault of their own, suffer an injury. The scales of justice don’t just balance themselves.

It takes people from the community weighing the evidence and declaring, in a unified voice, that big companies that hurt good people will pay their fair share for the harm they cause. The jury system is sacred in this country, so much so that it is enshrined in our Bill of Rights. The right to seek monetary damages – the right to balance the scales - is so important it is written into our laws. Through jury trials, we ensure that our country maintains a fair and effective justice system.

Robert L. Parks and his legal team share these common goals:
- Seek to advocate for those who have suffered a significant loss of any kind
- Give your case the time and attention it deserves
- Work tirelessly on your behalf to defend and protect your rights
- Keep informed on the latest legal developments so we maintain our edge
- Elevate the standards of integrity, honor and civility in the legal profession

With over 60+ combined years

in representing those who have suffered

serious loss through no fault of their own,

we serve as your most effective advocates

Our Practice Areas

Boating Accidents
Class Actions
Commercial Litigation
Insurance Litigation / Bad Faith
Mass Torts
Negligent Security / Premise Liability
Products Liability
Professional Negligence
Resort Litigation
Securities Litigation
Wrongful Death

What Our Clients Say

When our son was critically injured and left with a traumatic brain injury, Bob Parks and Gabe Garay helped us get through the darkest time in our life. They showed enormous compassion while providing wise legal counsel. Ultimately, they obtained a just settlement to ensure that our son would have the funds needed to secure his future.